Callback Assert

This library is intended to be used with other unit testing libraries. It serves as a helper to verify that callbacks or wrapped functions have been called in the correct order and with the right arguments. This library also supports range checking of arguments.


Here is a quick demonstration of how this library is used.

/* Malte Gruber 2019 */
#include <callback_tester.h>
#define ASSERT_PASS(V) if(V!=PASS) return ERROR;

static void callback_A(int a, double b) {
    callback_called("callback_a", "id", a, b);

static void callback_B(long a, double b) {
    callback_called("callback_b", "ld", a, b);

void dummy_code_under_test(void) {
    callback_A(42, 3.14);
    callback_B(9000, 42.0);

static int demo_test() {
    /*Long and double assert*/
    ASSERT_PASS(callback_assert("callback_a", "id", 42, 3.14));
    /*Long assert and double range check*/
    ASSERT_PASS(callback_assert("callback_b", "lRd", 9000, 41.5, 42.4));
    return PASS;

int main(int argc, char ** argv) {
    int res = demo_test();
    if (res != PASS) {
        printf("Test failed!\r\n");
        return -1;
    return 0;


Function called by callback to register the function call and its arguments.

int callback_called(const char *name, const char *arg_str, ...);

Verify that the function name was called with the specified arguments.

Supported Types

The following types can be passed to arg_gen's arg_types format string:

    callback_called("callback_foo", "i", 42);
    /*Range check value passed in callback_called*/
    ASSERT_PASS(callback_assert("callback_foo", "Ri", 41,44));