My name is Malte. I'm an embedded system, electronics and software engineer. I graduated in 2018 from KTH Royal Institute of Technology with a Bs.c in electrical engineering and a Ms.c in Embedded Software. I started my career at the Space and Plasma Physics department of KTH, where I worked part-time with satellite projects during my Master's. I also did my Master thesis at the department.

Ocado Technology 2020-Now

I am currently working at Ocado Sweden, designing electronics and embedded systems. I was lucky enough to be a part of the small team that spawned the company's next-generation robot, the 600 Series, which was made public in this video.

Gomspace 2018-2020

I worked at GomSpace, a new-space company specialising in building Nanosatellites. I worked in the propulsion department, and I was responsible for writing control software from the ground up. This included setting up a continuous integration stream and developing numerous control algorithms for thruster and pressure control. We worked closely with ESA, which was a valuable experience. I also designed the control electronics seen at the bottom of these public images.


This is a simplified overview from the puplic product flyer


Satellite work 2016-2018

This marked the start of my professional career as I started to work at the Space and Plasma Physics department of KTH during my Master's studies. This is a time that I look back to with fondness, as It was trial by fire. I essentially got to take over an entire satellite and perform the finalization of it, as the engineer working on it was leaving. It was a 3U CubeSat which is not very big. However it was a ridiculously technology-packed satellite, especially for its time. IMAGE HERE

This was a fantastic experience for me as a young-to-be engineer, as I got to work quite deeply with debugging and testing and development, across almost all parts of the satellite. There were very few components that were not new developments specifically for this project, which meant that every issue that could arise did, and what a learning experience it was.


Sadly the first satellite only touched space briefly as the rocket failed, with literally its pointy end backwards and the flamy bit forward.

Various Thesis work


This website

The purpose of this website is to be a portfolio but also a way for me to give back to other engineers. I have learned so much from the beautiful community of online contributors who create blogs and educational videos. In my tutorials, I focus on the sticking point or the things I found non-intuitive when learning about the subject. My hope is that someone, at some time, will find it useful.


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